Why mint or purchase a Crystal Moon Crew NFT?

Our goal is to release digital art NFT art on daily basis for people collect or resell for free. When people buy a crystal moon crew nft and other nfts we design it helps let us create metaverse houses , art galleries , lounges inside online vr game such as Spatial.io for the community to experience.

A Crystal Moon Crew NFT is like access pass to future nft art weekly on a basis , metaverse houses , and art galleries buildings you get to 100% own.

When an nft is purchased by anyone the value of the nft collection goes up on the voice nft marketplace. We are not just an nft project but we are sharing courses , tutorial videos, about how to design nfts and how to navigate around the metaverse too.

When you two crystal moon crew nfts [the cat angel nfts] you will be put into our premium group chat for early airdrops and also message us on twitter or email us if you haven't been added. 


Join us on building a Metaverse Tree of Life Garden

When people mint a tree of life and also own a crystal moon crew nft you will get access to tree of life metaverse garden where you can use the tree for your metaverse world. Also, a percentage will be donated to organization that plants trees worldwide teamtrees.org and support artists on the voice by buying their NFT and gifting it to the community.

Our voice username is @cmctrees

cmc = crystal moon crew