Built Eternal NFT Airdrop

Before & after claiming an NFT airdrop. Press the heart button at the bottom of the blog post to show your bottom. The goal is to increase the heart count as much as possible we grow.

When we are not releasing nft airdrops in between please help retweet and show love on our twitter posts!

Engage with other people on Twitter. Show people what you collected. Make friends.

Some where in the near future. I travel to a time line where we b u i l t our dream treehouse in a beautiful forest. If you want something to last longer. You build the strong foundation. With your dreams. Friendships. Relationships. Art. Hobbies. Then you leave a blue print behind so many others can follow the same template or maybe rip it up and make their own but easier . All of it is eternal if you ask me.





Claim NFT Airdrop link:

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