Consistency is hard

Before & after claiming an NFT airdrop. Press the heart button at the bottom of the blog post to show your bottom. The goal is to increase the heart count as much as possible we grow.

When we are not releasing nft airdrops in between please help retweet and show love on our twitter posts!

Engage with other people on Twitter. Show people what you collected. Make friends.





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Did you know if I release 5-10 nft art pieces a day for 30 days. That means People are receiving 150-300 art pieces for free for a month? The consistency.

Consistency is hard when you don't see the results you want for a week, a month , or almost a year. My goal was to collab with many communities where we host art giveaways on a weekly basis and I'm happy to say we are in the beginning stages of making it happen.

Art heals. Tell me I am wrong. I love the concept of art galleries since I was younger because everytime I would see art pieces in museums I would ask what motivated this artist to do this?

We all go through things in life and we need to transform it in some way. So they use

Art as one of them for expression.

Anyways if you are an artist , please dm us on twitter so we can help showcase your artwork in our metaverse or retweet your work. I get busy throughout the whole day, if you private message me I will get working on . Again thank you everyone for helping every day.

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