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Gold Silent Revolution

Let's keep the hearts maintaining above 30+ on each blog posts. The faster it reaches to 30 or more I can release more art pieces daily. Thank you :)

Gold crystals are small, naturally occurring particles of pure gold. They are often found in natural deposits such as quartz veins or in alluvial deposits, where they have been washed downstream by water. Gold crystals can also be artificially grown in a laboratory setting using chemical processes. Purple flowers have a rich symbolism and history, often representing spirituality and the divine. The color purple is often associated with mystery, magic, and royalty, and is frequently used in religious ceremonies and rituals. In art, the use of purple flowers can evoke a sense of transcendence and invite viewers to explore the spiritual dimensions of the piece. Additionally, purple flowers can symbolize an individual's journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment, as well as the search for meaning and understanding.

Free Version Picture Only 100/100

Purchase Animation Version 1/1

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