How Djs , Clubs, Music Venues , Businesses , Coffee Shops can use their NFT digital art

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Are you familiar with the visuals that get displayed on TV screens at dj performances or at coffee shops? This has been in the works for a while. It enhances the experience of an event when there is a visual in the back to enhance the music.

Imagine going to an event a dj has the option for you to buy artwork displayed in the visuals or at your favorite coffee shop. All they would need to do is display the nft digital artwork website where they collected artwork or show how many are available by the artist. In most cases, DJs usually pay $99-999 to get their 3D animation or visuals to be designed.

Art galleries will always want to display 3D animation artwork, especially when it utilizes NFT features. Since most art galleries dont sell their paintings or give out things to people who attend. We are about to change that virtually and in the future physically.

Imagine going into an virtual art gallery and having items you can decorate your own virtual art gallery?

Sincere Pham designs both virtual art galleries/houses and virtual digital items for Crystal Moon Crew.

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