How to win a Crystal Moon Crew Metaverse Ferris Wheel

Make sure you engage with our blog posts and heart it! We need to get the blog posts to over 50+ hearts .

We just launch an exclusive nft drop page with a password. Password is given out to people who help on a weekly basis in some way. Thank you again everyone. We still are going to do public airdrops to the community on a daily basis. We will give password to active users.

Exclusive nft drop page:

Official Crystal Moon Crew Member NFT

Metaverse Crystal Moon Crew Assets

This ferris wheel can be used for people to display in the metaverse world on or other metaverses.

First 5 people to get their 10 of their friends to follow us on twitter will be airdrop the ferris wheel. Must Show proof on twitter. You can can access this ferris wheel right away. We will send it to you within 24-48 hours after proof.

After that we will pick 5 other winners who are active.

White labeling for the ferris wheel is possible. We can remove crystal moon crew name and put your nft project but make sure you tell people who the designer is!

If you don't want to do any inviting or reposting you can purchase it the link below.

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