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Luminosity Tech Angel

Let's keep the hearts maintaining above 30+ on each blog posts. The faster it reaches to 30 or more I can release more art pieces daily. Thank you :)

I wanted to create the tech angel to glow because I believe that everyone has the potential to shine bright and make a positive impact in the world. However, before we can fully embrace our inner light and glow up, it is important to learn how to be content in the darkest of times and take care of ourselves. It is easy to let our light go out when we encounter negativity or criticism from others who may not understand our dreams, our unique personalities, or the way we love. But it is crucial to remember that our light is a gift and it is up to us to keep it burning brightly.

In this journey towards glowing up, it is important to pick ourselves up when we stumble and not let setbacks or challenges get in the way of our progress. This is where the crystals come in - they represent the small, yet powerful moments of growth and self-care that help us keep our light shining. Whether it's a crystal of self-love, self-care, or self-discovery, each one serves as a reminder to keep glowing.

Free Version Picture Only 50/50

Purchase Animation Version 1/1

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