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There is this tarot card that speaks of polarity. From the highest perspective no one is right or wrong. At the end of the day you should always make decisions where it's leaving a positive impact.

Some people don't understand that their lies have a negative impact nor do they care.

Even if it's a small lie to get a reaction and spreading things that are not true.

We should always try our best to forgive these people the same day and carry on.

Not be stuck in a 'victim mentality' mindset.

It might be their truth they are living in and it has nothing to do with you but how

they want to live and perceive their world. If you don't like how something is or makes you feel. You go make better choices to elevate your energy.

If your dreams was manifesting tomorrow your soulmate, house , job , everything you ever wanted would you care about what they did? Nope.

So live tomorrow and the next as you are living your dreams not worrying about someone's truth, why they said certain things, why they did certain things because none of that matters.

All you can do is understand and

your own love, peace and happiness matters 24/7.

Just like the frequency channel on the radio you can change your life to what you love in an instant.

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"All in flux changing and up leveling.when you see negativity around you remember the positive polarity within because everything balances."

Official Crystal Moon Crew Member NFT

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