Seraphic Metaverse Art Gallery

Our primary focus in September will be revamping and adding new features to our Seraphic Angel Metaverse Art Gallery. Every week when someone purchases a crystal moon crew nft we will airdrop or gift a different variant of our Seraphic Angel Metaverse Art Gallery which will happen within 24-48 hours.

Visit to obtain one.

What is the difference between the variants? Adding multiple colors, adding plants, adding a pool, providing entertainment, and many other suggestions may be discussed by the community.

How do Metaverse Art Galleries/Houses work? It is a virtual reality art gallery that can be accessed through a VR headset, laptop or smartphone, depending on which company or server you are using. The virtual art gallery will be hosted on Spatial, which is a good thing. In light of the fact that I designed the metaverse art gallery, I have the right to give, sell, or lease the design to anyone who wishes to make use of it in any way.

You can host your own events or zoom calls in there.

In the event that I airdrop it to people, they will be able to do the same.

How to access the Seraphic Metaverse Art Gallery:

This Metaverse Art Gallery can be access in the link below. It's just a link to visit not to own.

September Theme

The main theme of September is adding poetry to the walls.

Ensure that the poetry inspires, motivates, or propels people to be the best version of themselves. It may be written from the perspective of a single individual, from the perspective of a third individual, or from any other perspective. Please ensure that you write it because we will select some to be included in a ebook. This art gallery will be connected to the other nft art galleries. So people will see it forever as long as it's up.

I wanted to create a space where if someone was depressed, sad or not feeling well they could travel to a place where it helps them heal or motivate them to keep going.

Please submit your poetry with your name on through email

Poetry submission deadline 9/22/22

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