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Snow Tech Angel

Let's keep the hearts maintaining above 30+ on each blog posts. The faster it reaches to 30 or more I can release more art pieces daily. Thank you :)

It's December, and Christmas is almost here. I haven't made a real-life snow angel in a while, so I decided to create a snow angel robot that could be placed in a forest of flowers. The snow angel would be able to rest and recharge its energy while being surrounded by the healing properties of the flowers.

During this month I hope you can do one thing off the gratitude list for a friend or loved one.

There are many ways to show gratitude, and the best way will depend on the person and the situation. Some ideas for showing gratitude include:

  1. Saying thank you: A simple but effective way to show gratitude is to say "thank you" and express your appreciation for the person or thing that you are grateful for.

  2. Writing a note or letter: A handwritten note or letter is a thoughtful way to show gratitude and can be kept as a keepsake.

  3. Giving a gift: A tangible way to show gratitude is to give a gift, whether it is something small or something more significant.

  4. Doing something kind: Showing gratitude can also involve doing something kind or helpful for someone else, such as cooking a meal, running an errand, or volunteering your time.

  5. Practicing acts of kindness: Another way to show gratitude is to practice acts of kindness on a regular basis, whether it is holding the door open for someone, offering a helping hand, or simply being there for someone when they need it.

Free Version Picture Only 50/50

Purchase Animation Version 3/3

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