Trouble sleeping or sleeping trouble?

Some people have trouble sleeping. Some people just have trouble with personal problems and sleep it off. What’s the problem ? Our emotions or body tell us we don’t feel well. Our best. We neglect that occasionally. Which throws it off track or alignment. The more we listen to our compass or intuition the happier we become on a weekly basis. So how do we start listening to ourselves ? We start making a routine of choosing what’s healthier even if it’s not familiar. What does that look like?

A walk in the beach or lake. A hike on a trail or mountains. Reading a new book or article. Learning to create some type of art. Creating a new music playlist. Joining new supportive communities. Watching a new tv show or cartoon shows. Trying out a new beverage, foods or snacks. Riding a bicycle down a scenic view while the sunsets?

The possibilities are endless. We always growing and transforming. You can always be open to learning new things and learning hundreds of ways to love yourself. Pick 1-3 things YOU want to do and know you deserve to experience. Then repeat on a daily basis or weekly. Don’t start two weeks from now. Start now.

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