What is Binaural Beats?

During the playback of two tones with slightly different frequencies in separate ears (usually through headphones), the human brain perceives the creation of a third tone whose frequency is equivalent to the difference between the two tones. A binaural beat is a type of auditory illusion. When a person hears a tone of 405 Hz in one ear and a tone of 415 Hz in the other, they are hearing a binaural beat with a frequency of 10 Hz.

Binaural beats offer many of the same benefits as meditation, such as reducing stress, increasing focus, improving sleep and relaxation, boosting mood, assisting with pain management, and fostering creativity. Scientific evidence, however, does not yet support these claims.

Try playnig this binaural beats with headphones when you are working on something on your laptop or working on a mini project!

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