Your NFT profile collection is just....

Make sure you engage with our blog posts and heart it! We need to get the blog posts to over 20+ hearts to release more nfts. Click heart button on blog post on the bottom page.

Your NFT profile is just a business website store front for art. Build your presence on social media especially on twitter, facebook , tiktok , and etc. Showcase your nft you collect daily.

Giveaway your NFT artwork with your business service or sell it together. Combine the two. Imagine someone buying a physical product or service plus receiving artwork each time!

Click airdrop link to claim NFT

Official Crystal Moon Crew Member NFT

Every two weeks when you buy a Crystal Moon Crew NFT

you will get a password to access a website page to claim

NFT artwork with people who are doing the same. This will help elevate the value

of our NFT or we might just airdrop links personally to you of limited edition

metaverse houses, metaverse assets or digital artwork.

This will go on from Sept-November 2022.

A Crystal Moon Crew NFT is an incubator of new nfts being released.

It like an access pass to owning more new art piece releases every two weeks.

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